Tuesday, August 26, 2008

So close. So close.

Still no pictures, and the FOs are starting to pile up!

And you know what? This morning I even had a couple people from an indie film crew in my apartment taking pictures with a digital camera to see if they want to film a scene in my kitchen next month. I very nearly asked if they could just take a quick shot, just a quick one, of my feet with the newly-completed Leyburn Socks on them.

Now before anybody gets excited about the film part, don't. This is an indie film, and when I say indie, I don't mean Hustle and Flow. I mean tiny budget, film-on-the-weekends-only, miniscule distribution if any. Trust me, you won't see a preview during primetime. This is just another one of those favors you do for people. (I'm the one doing the favor, btw. In case you were wondering.)

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Kara said...

Oh to have a famous kitchen...that is so exciting!