Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Headlines Were Never My Thing

A tad scrambled, a lot late. Life, it turns out, is consuming.

In brief:

1. We live in a top-floor apartment that somehow doesn't get any light except in the late afternoon, which during the winter means between 3 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. Today I was home during those hours, but it rained cold rain and the skies were dark. Ergo, please excuse the utter lack of pictures.

2. I have finished many knitted things lately. Four items, to be exact, including one sweater. Do you think I could use a sick day so I could stay home and blog about them?

3. I do believe someone is pulling a prank on us. I-35 has been under construction as long as I've been aware that there was a highway called I-35 - like, 15 years? - yet it remains two lanes wide for most of the distance one has to travel on Thanksgiving weekend. (That is good for finishing socks, as it happens...)

4. Why is writing a cover letter to a resume such a soul-crushing job, when the goal is to say only nice things about yourself?

5. Why have they stopped making thermal blankets? There was nothing wrong with them.

6. Tomorrow, I go to a bar to report on mixed drinks as a professional journalist. This is, in fact, the second time I have been given the assignment of reporting on bars. Now, I had some good times in my early 20s, but overall the whole notion of me being positioned as an expert on Bloody Mary mix and mojito rankings is a bit funny when you realize that my idea of a nice evening is to cuddle with my honey under a thermal blanket finishing a pair of socks as it rains cold rain and the skies are dark.

One does what one can.


Adrienne Martini said...

Odd question - when you say "thermal blanket" what do you mean? Are there blankets that are non-thermal? Or is there something I'm not getting?

Given the neck of the woods I live in, I can mail you some highly thermal blankets, should you want 'em...

And, oh, I-35. I still have nightmares about merging onto the lower deck.

ihearttheastros said...

Re: #4 - I seem to have lost all "this is why I'm good!" parts of my brain--just when I needed them for this statement of purpose and resume. So, I feel your pain.

Gena said...

I-35. It will never be finished. If it is, it's probably a sign of the apocalypse.

Re:#1 - with my lovely new commute, I get an hour of daylight a day. I leave while the sun is coming up and get home hours after it's gone down. It's very sad.