Sunday, December 1, 2013

Another FO, but I did not come out ahead

I don't think it fits in my StashDash series if the yarn was purchased in recent months just for this project, and I have over half the yardage remaining.


But the sweater is cute. A Tulips baby sweater! (Follow the link at your peril: the model baby is so cute I want to munch her ears.)

I went for the 12-month size, with the idea that our youngun will almost certainly be tall and lanky and will fit into it in time for the three days of cold weather we might catch in late 2014.

There's a healthy number of FOs on Ravelry of this pattern already - if memory serves, the Yarn Harlot went on a streak with this pattern and everybody took notice. I used Knit Picks Swish Superwash… I'd give my color choices on this one a B+. Almost awesome, but you could do better with those greens and maybe the dark pink, too. Overall, though, I think it's a nice and squishy sweater that will help fill baby's shelves for the next year.

This is what is formerly my closet, about 25 percent of the way to getting cleaned out and ready. Not exactly Pinterest-worthy, is it?

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