Tuesday, December 31, 2013

StashDash part 5: Milk Infant Top

I've heard all the arguments against making baby sweaters, which typically boil down to, "It will be worn for 3 minutes before the baby balloons into a naked toddler."

Don't care! Pretty.

Also, will you look at those adorable hand flaps? Can you see them? So when the kid starts scratching everything you turn the cuffs over and it's like mittens, on the sweater. Squeak!

A lot of people on Ravelry have remarked that the crocheted edging gave them some trouble, and they wish the directions had been more thorough. For me, the directions were sufficient, or they would have been, had I actually followed them the first three times. Instead I thought, why not simplify things and [so on, rep 3 times].

Yeah, three times.

In the end, I did change things up a bit by not doing the scalloped edging around the neck, because the contrasting color I had in my stash was not as soft as i'd prefer.

I also added that nifty little flower, which I found in a book given to me just this Christmas, 100 Flowers to Knit and Crochet. Nice book, great flower, all around cuteness. 210 yards, gone!

In other news, this past weekend, the gentleman from the pest control company made his case for me having a natural childbirth, sans epidural. I told him I'd consider it if he can stop all these damned ants from getting in through the front door all the time.

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Michelle said...

That is a thoroughly adorable sweater. I am all for the knitting of things for small humans - as long as they are not my own. I have to push myself to make clothes for my son, but it's much easier to make them for other people's babies, where I won't see them spit up on, thrown in the dryer by distracted husbands, or grown out of after one wearing. I'm working on it, though. The instant gratification of a one-week sweater is sublime.