Tuesday, January 7, 2014

StashDash part 6: Estes Vest, well-marinated

(Posting on lunch break means quickness of posting.)

In 2008, I started a vest.

In 2012, I picked it up again.

Last weekend, I finished it.

Now, I have both a vest and ammunition if anyone ever suggests that I might not actually get to any of the projects that have been unfinished for a long time. (Mr. MGY has thus far refrained from comment, bless him.)

I put this on, and it looked ridiculous, given my current size and shape. But give me a few months, and I'll tell you if it fits.

I added an inch of length, as other Ravelers suggested. I should have added three. It's crazy-short, and I'm crazy-long. But like I say, that's a guess at this point.

Regardless, that's 460 yards, gone from the stash! And bulky yarn, too. We're looking at more than a mile of stash used up since I started my knitting sprint. Totals to come...

p.s. I am actually updating the sidebar of links and such. It feels not unlike cleaning out the closet.


KL said...

Go you! I am avidly following your progress, as I'm hoping for beauty shots of your biggest project later. Secrettrail

Unknown said...

Question on adding length-I'm just beginning this vest. Did you add the extra length before the waist shaping, or after? Do you think it matters as much as I am worried about?