Sunday, January 26, 2014

StashDash part 9: Baby Moccasins

Also known as, Things That Will Fall Off and Possibly Get Lost Within Five Minutes, courtesy of The Purl Bee.


40 yards of stash, gone.

A chance to use some of that scrumptious Fibre Company Road to China Light I have left over from my Rockabilly Soft design.

And they're cute.

I have some me-sized slipper soles I picked up a few years back at Hobby Lobby, and I want to make a coordinating pair of Mama Moccasins. Only problem: in the rush of last-minute cleaning we've been doing, I can't find the damned things anywhere. This is why I never clean, dude. So strike that adorable photo op, right?

At present, it's moot, because still no feet to fill the baby pair.

I'll say something on this blog at some point after the next generation decides to show up, but Mr. MGY and I are gun-shy about putting too much out there on the internet about a kiddo who isn't yet able to say whether or not she'd want that. Only mentioning this because there are a handful of people I know IRL who are following along here to see when kiddo makes her arrival. So - not here yet. I'll say something. Eventually. But I don't think I'll be putting the whole gooey story on this blog. If that's disappointing, then I encourage you to go over to the website that rhymes with Snaby Snenter . com and look at the videos, some of which feature women who, unlike me, have no qualms about putting childbirth shots of their private parts on the internet.

To each. Her. Own.

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