Wednesday, January 15, 2014

StashDash part 8: Gone Home Hat

I intended to make a hat to match the Milk Infant Top I made a few weeks ago, to be part of the baby's going home outfit. But because I chose not to swatch (eh? eh?) I wound up with a hat that is about 13 inches in circumference. Good heavens I hope it's too large, or I'm in for an interesting time.

It used about 70 yards, and instead of a Going Home Hat, I'm calling it a Gone Home Hat, in the hopes that the hat will not fit for at least a few weeks. Every girl ought to be stylin' when she heads to the pediatrician, right?

Plain and simple: picot edging on the turning row of the brim, and then stockinette the rest of the way. Ought to have added another row before knitting the hat to the CO edge, but heck. I think it's already not going to fit, what's a slightly turned-up picot edging going to matter?

No worries. If she never wears it, somebody's bound to have a baby girl born in the fall. 70 yards, gone!

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