Sunday, January 12, 2014

StashDash part 7: Early Fans You Should Make Them, Hmm?

I finished this potentially useless but cute and enjoyable project recently:

It is a Yoda Baby Bottle Cover, which is a free pattern. It used around 55 yards. It also brought up a rather serious parenting question in our household: Should we acknowledge from the beginning the existence of episodes I, II, and III, and be open and honest with her about that difficult time? Or should we wait for her to discover them on her own, and run the risk of losing her trust, but at least we will have had those few years of innocence when all she knew were episodes IV, V, and VI?

My position is that you should tell her that the first three episodes were made, but explain our reasons why we don't watch them and why we don't think she should watch them. When she's old enough to handle the disappointment, we'll let her decide for herself if she wants to expose herself to these kinds of upsetting experiences.

I think the trick to this pattern is that you have to have the right kind of bottle for it to look appropriately Yoda-like. A coworker was cleaning house and sold us a huge bag full of these 9 oz. Tommee Tippee bottles (good heavens, why do baby things have to have such ridiculous and patronizing names?) for wicked cheap (yes, they've been re-sterilized). They are squat enough to mimic the jedi master with appropriate lumpiness.

Also? This yarn came from the dining room. (I've got a few boxes in the baby's closet, the rest has been appropriated as insulation for our front dining room windows.) I feel like the yardage should count for double.

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