Monday, October 1, 2007

"Is that supposed to be art?"

On Friday, at 8:24 p.m., I received an email from a talented actor in Austin: "My dear potential slow movers, We are having a very informal session on the lamar pedestrian bridge this Sunday @ 6pm. Could you make it?"

I moved to Austin in part so that I could receive strange emails like this. So I attended last night's meeting on the rather well-trafficked Lamar Pedestrian Bridge, and, with about eight other people and one dude playing with a synthesizer and some amps, moved slowly.

As we were warming up (or slowing down, really), one jogger yelled as he passed by, "Is that supposed to be performance art?" I thought of many responses in the seven and a half minutes it took to walk from the rail to the bench.

At one point, a police officer arrived to take notes on the recently spray-painted swastikas that lay directly in my path. He began working, and he was done before I had completed my ninety degree turn to avoid walking across his evidence.

After doing whatever it was for two hours, the leader said we'd have a final performance on November 10. She said it will involve swans in a post-apocalyptic landscape. And other stuff.

Part of me is the high school nerd who will do just about anything because I was specially invited. And the other part says, "While you're young." Okay!


Gena said...

Keep Austin Weird. I believe you are doing your part.

Jenny said...

This was awesome! I am so sorry I missed this when you originally posted it. It kinda makes me wonder if this is actually true. Will you please elaborate in person?

I had a recent "Keep Austin Weird" experience as well, though probably not quite as weird.

A bear riding a motorcycle. Check it out.

Cobbalicious said...

All true, 100%. :)

Julia said...

That's awesome - exactly why I'm moving to a kinda "weird" place - downtown Sacramento. Life should be interesting!