Tuesday, October 9, 2007

More on the Crawl

I was both tired and brief in my last post, so allow me to expound.

The yarn crawl really was fun. It was also a lot of female energy for one day, but I survived intact.

The busload of ladies generally agreed that Hill Country Weavers really is the best yarn store around. They have both variety and quality, and the prices are fair. My second-favorite on the tour was San Antonio's Yarnivore, whose owners included some eco-friendly fibers like maize, soy, and my very favorite, bamboo. Everything they had was interesting and of good quality.

Below is my loot:

Everything on the left is a freebie. I know what to do with precisely none of it, particularly the two gray-blue tribbles on top.

Thermal is taking a nap, and Rebecca, if you read this far, I have started your Halloween gloves. You saucy minx: the busload of ladies eyed the beginnings of glove one and said, "Those look a little sexy!" Which I think is Boomer for "Do you like it rough?"

I shall leave the question fully unanswered.

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