Friday, October 12, 2007


This blog shall remain silent for the next week and a half as I journey westward to Shiprock, New Mexico with a group of volunteers to help repair some houses on the Navajo Reservation.

I have all kinds of things to say about how crazy this is and how excited and a bit nervous I am, but I'm too sleepy right now. I've been tired since yesterday, and as luck would have it, I had a heapload of work to finish before escaping today.

Thermal (unfinished, drat!) is coming with me, as are Rebecca's gloves. She'll wear those dang things out this year if I have to bind off as she sets out to her first Halloween party.

Now may the gods of packing smile upon me tonight so I can get some sleep!

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Anonymous said...

I hope your volunteer trip was successful. That sounds like a wonderful thing to do.

How is the novel coming?? I'd be interested in comparing notes since I finished mine earlier this year & am looking for a publisher now.