Sunday, October 28, 2007

WIP Count, in Anticipation of...

We're nearing the end of October. there's the teeniest nip in the air here in Texas. Winter always takes me by surprise here. The summers last so long, one falls for the notion that they will never end, and life will always exist at a muggy 95 degrees or higher. But apparently, this is not so.

As I went jogging this afternoon, I even spied what I thought was an early Christmas decoration - one of those cheesy, lifelike reindeer people put up in their yards - until it walked away. The neighborhood deer are polishing off their summer meals in anticipation of a sleepy winter.

And I have some neat news.

I've been told that I have a pattern that will soon appear in Magknits! The email said either November or December; I still don't know which, so it will be a surprise for all of us.

I can't wait to show my little creation off to the world. However, I was glancing at my Ravelry projects page, and I feel a bit self-conscious about my dearth of impressive FOs.

To that end, please observe my Halloween WIP count.

1. Skinny Scarf for Yellow Turtle. It would have been done weeks ago, but I dropped the ball in a dirty puddle in my parking lot. Sooner or later I'll suck it up, finish, then wash. But it's not my first choice right now.

2. Goth Gloves, for Rebecca. A modified Fetching; my second time to make these. Thank goodness she gave me an extension; I find it hard to knit in black for long. I am seized by the desire to stare at azure skies and green grass and red tomatoes, etc.

3. Sea Foam Shawl. It will continue. In fact, it would have been perfect last night at the Joanna Newsome concert (which bleeeeeeew me away! A singing harpist, can you believe it?).

4. Thermal. The everlasting, ever-loving, muther-effing Thermal which will not be finished. Am I setting a record for slowness?

Thankee, all. Thankee. Now back to work!

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marci said...

Ah, Texas fall. My favorite. Much better than spring, because the days of 100 degree weather, at least theoretically, are six months away.