Thursday, January 3, 2008

A line of demarcation

A year or two ago, my mother knit me a beautiful pair of wool socks. I love to wear them at home, where I don't turn on the heater for environmental reasons.

I don't know what brand of yarn she used, but it was all the same dye lot of the same colorway. It's machine-washable and colorfast. But look what happened:

You see where the color is completely faded in half of each sock -- but the opposite halves? My mother swears up and down that she switched skeins, but in a different place than where the color fades in/out.

I'm left wondering if I'm folding my socks in some damaging way. That doesn't last long, because I then remember that I rarely fold my socks.

Has this ever happened to anyone else? What on earth do you think happened?


On another note... That's some weird Iowa s*** going down. I want to caucus now, too! But only because then I could bake cookies and fight with my neighbors and determine the future of the free world in one afternoon. I mean, I already do two of the three on a normal day, but you add baking cookies on top of that, and that's worthy of a call to Aunt Ethel.

Post your thoughts, on the socks or on the Iowa results. Unlike some folks, I'm not afraid of the occasional dispute in the comments section. After all, individuals should be allowed a public forum to safely voice opinions and disagreements about something vital as faded sock yarn.


Gena said...

The sock thing is strange - never seen anything quite like it.

As for Iowa, why do they get to choose? I want to choose! At any rate, it certainly is an interesting turn out, but I'm not done reading the syntheses and reports yet. I guess, depending on a person's political leanings, it could be good either way. I know it is for my friends and myself.

Caroline said...

I'm not that politically savvy, although I do have the beginnings of opinions about some candidates. I'll just say that I dig Obama, and am afraid of Huckabee.