Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sasquatch asks your advice

Dear internet,


I am knitting my very first sock ever. (Pause for trumpet fanfare, because you know these things matter.) I found a pattern here, and some sock yarn my mom gave me from her stash (she is so nice!). I took the toe from the IK summer '07 piece on "On-Your-Toes Socks." I figured out the stitch pattern, made adjustments for my gauge and my very big feet. Specifically, size 10 feet, which is just going to happen if you're 5'10", and 8.5" around.

Then I tried it on when I got to the foot-knuckles.

No, that's not a hat. That's a sock on my foot. Promise.

I've had trouble with Ann Budd's instructions before, in the so-loose-it's-falling-off sense. No criticism intended, of course. Her math seems to work, but as all of my dear friends know, I personally defy mathematics.

But I'm also a sock noob. Please take the poll at left, which will be up for a week. Or leave comments. Especially if you're tall, like me, and have Sasquatch feet. Most especially leave a comment, email, or send chocolate-laced instructions if you've knit socks for my feet before, and you know who you are.

Thank you, internet. Sasquatch loves you.

Addition at 9:26 p.m.:

Gauge is precisely 8 sts/in. Foot is 8.5" around at knuckles. Ergo, it should be 68 sts, right? So why is it falling off? Especially in a pattern with little elasticity in the instep? Snarf!


Anonymous said...

ooooo. It does look a little big. I've never knit toe ups, though, only cuff down; did you want to try that?? Plus, you're knitting a pattern? I'm just asking because it looks like a pattern & not a plain sock. Sorry, but my suggestion is to rip back & start over. :-( But you're not too far in, so it shouldn't be as bad as frogging an entire sock.

Gena said...

Dear Sasquatch,
I too have large feet, just about as large as yours, in fact (size 9.5 and the same circumference). I knit my socks 68 stitches around on size 0 needles. I guess about 8 or so stitches per inch.

When you knit toe up, the toe will appear slightly too large when you first try it on, like a little hat for your toes or something, but will fit better once you get some foot part knitted.

That being said, I'm afraid yours looks ginormous. Rip and redo, I suggest.

Sally Comes Unraveled said...

Before I vote, have you checked (and double checked) the gauge? (Seems obvious, I know.)

mari said...

Oh no. I, too have not knit a sock toe up, so I don't think I can be much help. But, I feel your pain.
I would just rip it out and start all over and work it for a smaller size.