Tuesday, January 22, 2008

More Sock Help?

The poll has closed, and folks, I agree with 75% of you. The sock toe was huge, and in that perfectly unmathematical manner I mentioned before, Leyburn Sock v2.0 (with 8" around instead of 8.5") works much better.

Now onto two other problems! (Tell me others of you needed this much coaching when you knit your first pair...)

I've noticed that the pattern has little vertical give. But look at the difference between the sole and the instep:

See how the sole fabric is turning out much longer than the instep? How will this affect what I do when I get read to work on my short-row heel?

Also, look at the spot between the instep and the sole, at the gap between the two dpns:

This is what I get for being cheap and buying the dpns rather than one long circular for magic loop... But honestly, is there any way to avoid this? I think this particular pattern makes the ladder between needles more pronounced, but no matter what kind of tug I give the yarn to close up that gap, it's pretty big.

In all honesty, I doubt I'll really mind that gap once the sock is done... Still, if there's something to be done to make sock #2 better, let's hear it!

In other news...

The next post is post 100. I ought to do something faboo to celebrate, as other knitters seem to do. I'll dive into the stash to see what's contest-worthy, but no promises. I like my yarn!


Sally Comes Unraveled said...

I always use dpns. Two things you can do are:

1. Pull nice and tight between needles.

2. Occasionally move stitches from one needle to another, so that gap between needles isn't always in the same place.

Did that make sense?

loopette said...

Well, I'm gratified that the needles are working out for you. I really love that sock ... both the pattern and the yarn. Glad you started over; that would've bugged you FOREVER.

PS: You play a big role in my latest blog post. hehe.


Gena said...

Go with Sally's number 2 to help with the ladders. With practice they will become less noticeable.

Re: the difference in sole and instep stitches, maybe you could start your heel a little bit earlier? For instance, if there is a 1cm difference and you are going to start your heel at 5cm before the end of your foot, start the heel at 6cm away instead. When you start doing the leg part, everything will be in the same pattern and should even out.

Does that make any sense at all?

Cobbalicious said...

Thanks for the suggestions. Actually, in re: the DPNs, I used those all the way up both arms of Thermal, and this didn't happen. Then again, I was staggering the break between needles as I went, and this pattern seemed to suggest that it wasn't necessary. I was so glad; moving the stitches from one DPN to another is one reason why I find DPNs to be such a drrraaag.

Thanks for the suggestion on the heel, Gena. I will most certainly follow it. We'll see what happens!

Anonymous said...

I use DPNs exclusively. I think that for your first sock, this is really good (I did plain stockinette for my first pair--wasn't brave enough to try a pattern!). I agree, you have to tug at that first stitch when you move to the next needle...that may be something that comes with practice.