Tuesday, January 1, 2008

What I Learned in '07

1. No more fingering-weight sweaters. Seriously. Six months of work? I've read one or two blogs where the knitter who finished Thermal claims she did it in only a month, but that sort of thing makes my head spin around three times and my face turn green. I'm thinking something with a wee bit more bulk to it next time.

2. Don't write, perform, and produce your own one-person show. Or rather, do it, but only once. It left me in proud, accomplished tears.

I should add that this is a lesson I did not learn very well, because I'm currently directing a three-person short play named "Apocalypse" for the '08 Frontera Festival that goes up January 16. This is a play which I have written and in which I also perform. What can I say? I'm a slow learner.

3. There's a reason you people up north like wool. I just returned from Nebraska, where the state has been buried under snow for over a month. "Better y'all than me," says this Texan!

Hey, look! Wool really does keep you warm and dry!

4. Relationships take time. I am smitten with my fellah. I've also lost my regular workout routine, failed to maintain my regular writing routine, and I hardly ever cook. I vastly prefer talking to him on the phone or exploring Austin or watching a movie together or fill-in-the-blanks (Get your minds out of the gutter! Honestly.) to doing any of those other things... But I realized that the health of my relationship and the prettiness of my kitchen floor have an inverse relationship.

5. I have a lot to say. I failed to come remotely close to finishing my NaNoWriMo novel, but I witnessed several friends fall off the wagon during NaBloPoMo, because they had nothing to say. I was rather amazed, because, well, you can't shut me up! I might not have time to say it, but I've always got at least one thing to share. (Of course, I'd never look down on my friends for finding themselves at a loss for quippy ideas.) Eureka: I really am a writer after all.

Along the lines of #5, I could keep going for hours. But that would get a bit too personal for Monsieur de l'Internet.

I shall post about a lovely FO from this morning, when I find some daylight time for picture taking. I also have some delightful pictures from the bitter reaches of the north (stop laughing, Canadians).


Anonymous said...

I can't even imagine a sweater like Thermal; I think it's a beautiful pattern, but all those tiny intricate stitches?? Not for me.

And I'm in the freezing cold 'burbs of Florida (LOL) so I'm sure the Canadians are laughing at me, too. 40 degrees IS cold.

Gena said...

Congrats on finishing thermal, it looks great. The whole fingering weight sweater thing would be why I didn't do that one. 'Cause I like being lazy, you know.

It's in the 20's here in NC right now. That's cold, and I don't care what the people closer to the arctic circle think. They can call me a wimp all they want!