Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Gauge is a mysterious thing.

At least to me it is.

I completed these two different pairs of Fetching. Obviously, the yellow (Bellezza Collection Dolcetto, color 2) has a larger gauge than what is called for in the pattern, so no worries about parting ways with the pattern there. However, the green (Knitpicks Swish Superwash, Dublin) matches the gauge in the pattern... and then I got confused.

I have this whole gauge discussion with my mother (who knits) and my knitting friend Rachel, and it reminds me of those arguments I'd have with my math teachers in junior high, when I insisted that that's not really the way geometry works. And I'd be wrong.

Except this time I think I'm right? Sort of? The green gloves don't feel too tight, but I cast on only 30 stitches, whereas the pattern calls for 45.

This is probably the place to admit what a beginner I still am in many ways. I haven't gotten past tangy at knitty.com. I'm open to helpful comments, so fire away!


lcobbe said...

Maybe the answer for Fetching is your lovely slender hands while the pattern was perhaps sized for fatter fists?

ihearttheastros said...

Are you selling your creations? Because I'm interested in a pair...

And welcome to the blogging world!

Cobbalicious said...

I sure am! And I'll happily sell you a pair, if you give me $10, your favorite color, the measurement of your wrist circumference, the circumference of your hand around the knuckles, and, uh, your identity. (Are you Caroline? I can't tell from your small pic!)

John de Conqueroo said...
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John de Conqueroo said...

Sorry, had to delete my earlier comment because I accidentally typed my password into it, trying to clear Google security. I'll bet a lot of people do that.

Too bad, because it was funny, too.