Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Meme, me, me meme me, and me.

There have been a few memes lately that have caught my eye. Yellow Turtle even tagged me with one of them. Here are the rules for hers:

1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules here
3. Share 7 random or weird facts about yourself
4. Tag 7 random people at the end of the post, linking to them.
5. Leave a comment on their blog so that they know they’ve been tagged.

I am failing miserably at rules four and five. I shall not tag, because I fear annoying those who are tagged, despite my own love of being tagged. And yet when playing the actual game of tag, I am ruthless and speedy. Hmmm.


1. I've recently developed an obsession for the board game Ticket to Ride. Don't follow the link, don't follow the -- oh darn, too late. Well, don't blame me when all your knitting time goes to connecting Los Angeles to New York. (21 pts!)

2. My stash of old New Yorkers is bigger and more ridiculous than my yarn stash. I discovered that it is bigger on my recent, fruitless search for my Windows XP backup discs (oh, the horror), and it is clearly more ridiculous because it is theoretically possible that I will someday find a use for all my yarn. No way am I going to read all those New Yorkers, but they aren't even taking one tiny step toward the recycling bin.

3. The rockabilly librarian at my local branch likes to flirt with me, which is awkward, because I have no temptation whatsoever to do anything that resembles dishonesty in regards to my fella. And yet I don't wish to sprint from the front door to Lit Fic Authors FLA - KIN with my face hidden in my overdue copy of A Treasury of Knitting Patterns Volume I every time I go in search of Volume II. That, and all the other librarians at that branch are freakin' Nazi Stormtroopers. I settle for polite disinterest.

4. My Rowan Tapestry bruise is slowly getting better.

5. I overuse adverbs. If you didn't notice, it means I'm a good editor.

6. I stole Quiet Bubble's first copy of Encountering God. He was quoting from his replacement copy. Oops!

7. I forgot to give back the copy of Darsan to the minister of my church who recently moved away to start his own congregation. Dang it! I hate patterns.


This one is from Del at cozy's place:

"Grab the nearest book of 123+ pages & post sentences 5-8." Goofy, but neat!

From Ian McEwan's On Chesil Beach:

"Edward did not mention that he had never stayed in a hotel before, whereas Florence, with many trips as a child with her father, was an old hand. Superficially, they were in fine spirits. Their wedding, at St. Mary's, Oxford, had gone well; the service was decorous, the reception jolly, the send-off from school and college friends raucous and uplifting. Her parents had not condescended to his, as they had feared, and his mother had not significantly misbehaved, or completely forgotten the purpose of the occasion."

A lovely, cheerful beginning to a book with a very depressing end. My fella gave it to me as a birthday present, then asked what it was about. "Sexual dysfunction," I said.

"Oh." Pause. "Well, it was either that or the Holocaust."

That's all for tonight. Thanks for reading!


Star said...

My New Yorker collection (all read, by the way -- I even have a hard time recycling them after I read them, and yes, I may have a problem) almost took over our house at one point. But then I discovered the magic of the complete archives on cd-rom. Every issue since 1927! Oh, the nerdy joy! (Now I need to buy the new update disk so I can bear to recycle a few more bags of magazines... after tearing out the amusing pictures, of course. Oh dear, I really do have a problem, don't I?)

Anonymous said...

I can't tag people either--just can't bring myself to do it! lol. I'm going to have to read that book you picked up.