Thursday, March 20, 2008

Three Ways in Which I Have Resisted Temptation

1. 30 percent off

Bluebonnet Yarns had a 30% off all yarns sale this week. Did you see me driving up there? Did you? No, you did not. I was a good girl who instead fondled yarn she already owned and practiced good restraint.

The presence of a violent thunderstorm and torrential rains at the time when I would have made the journey up there of course has nothing to do with it.

2. 30 percent fee

I'm really sick right now. Bad cold, slight fever, yada yada. This morning I gave myself a little extra time in the morning, but at noon I realized that my mother would still make me go to school. Therefore, I ought to go to work.

I stopped by the grocery store on my way in to buy some juice and soup. I was walking to the registers when I chanced to step on a water puddle and BLAM.

This wasn't any weeny wobble we're talking about here. This is one of those falls where you don't know that you're falling until you're on the floor and your soup can is rolling toward the tampon display. I admit, I was not a nice customer for the first thirty seconds. Can you blame me? My knee has a knot the size of a half-finished skein of Knit Picks Gloss, and my rump... Well, I won't post a picture of my rump, because this isn't that sort of blog. But suffice to say, it looks like my Rowan Tapestry, color SH 171.

The temptation part comes in when I arrived at work. I won't blog about work, so let's just say I was suddenly confronted with the opportunity to write a nasty letter to the grocery chain for a fee of a mere 30 percent of the eventual settlement.

Let the world know that I am a good citizen and have turned my back on frivolous litigation. For a moment, however, I did contemplate what yarn could be bought with $335 earned for doing nothing more than crashing in the plastic dish aisle.

What would you buy if you had an unexpected $335?

3. I'm sure I've resisted temptation in some other way. Let me think.

Nope. Um... no, not then... And, well, that other time? Not really.

My good citizenship extends only so far, it seems.


mari said...


Gena said...

Aw...feel better/heal soon. I too have been sick, but have avoided falling. Although 2 weeks ago I was wearing heels for the first time in ages and almost busted ass just walking down the hall. Which would have been really funny, even to me!

Octopus Knits said...

Ouch is right! Get better : )

Anonymous said...

Ouch! Thanks for saving us all from another frivolous lawsuit...wish the McDonald's hot coffee lady had been so kind.

Rain & thunder? I dunno, I may have still made that drive.

Anonymous said...

I tagged you. Bam!