Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sometimes You Lose

Springtime has hit Austin this weekend, and the wildflowers are in bloom. Bluebonnets decorate the shaggy sides and medians of the highway. There are brown-eyed susans, meadow pinks, and butterweed all over the place. That means splashes of purple, yellow, white, and a little dab of red here and there.

It's Texas's way of apologizing in advance for what's going to happen this summer: brown dead stuff, hot, brown dead stuff, hot, and here's a little more hot to go with the brown dead stuff.

I had the (I thought) brilliant idea to pick an assortment of Texas wildflowers and then to float them in bars of scented homemade soap. What a great gift idea for the next round of holidays, especially with so many people I know who live out of state.

The supplies were easy and cheap: soap block ($9.99), scented oil ($2.49), molds ($2.49), and flowers (free). I was responsible with the flowers and left at least two-thirds of each stand. I cooked it all up, but...

Here's where the scientific minds who read my blog can step in, if they wish. As soon as I put the first meadow pink in the hot liquid soap, it turned green and the pollen went everywhere. (I may also have killed a fire ant accidentally.) I'm going to count that as Not a Good Gift.

I'll find something else -- silk flowers, perhaps -- to float in the soap bars, so all shall not be lost. Just melty and gross.

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Julia said...

Hm...I bet if you dried the flowers first (either in the oven or by pressing them in a heavy book w/ paper towel) that it would work. Silk flowers would be nice too!